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Green Bean Coffee


Sun Drying Treatment and Semi Wash, Defact max 27%

Moisture 12% Max
Packaging Gunny Bag/PP Bag 50 kg
Estimate Price FOB 2850 USD/ MT
Capacity 50 MT/Month

Java Robusta Coffee (HS Code 09011110) is certainly not inferior to coffee originating from other parts of Indonesia such as Aceh Gayo Coffee. Java Robusta coffee certainly has its own fans by the Indonesian people. In general, Robusta coffee is considered as number two coffee, but make no mistake. If this Robusta coffee is processed correctly, of course, it can produce a taste and aroma that is not inferior to Arabica coffee.Robusta coffee is coffee that does not have a sour taste at all. A more concentrated taste than arabica, as well as higher caffeine. The island of Java is one of the largest producers of robusta coffee in the world and is very well known for its coffee.