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Our Product & Commodities

Our Product

Coconut Water

Specification carbohydrate 5%,food fiber 22%, sugar 7gms, natrium 7%, calium 8% & magnesium 8%
Size 24 pcs/box for 330ml per pcs - 3600 box per container
Capacity 200,000 box / month
Packaging Master Box 25kgs
Estimate Price FOB 12 USD / Box

Coconut water is the liquid inside coconuts, which are the fruits of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). Coconut water is also called coconut juice. Coconut water should not be confused with coconut milk or coconut cream, which are made from the grated fresh kernel. Although coconut water can be obtained directly from young green coconuts and offered as chilled or frozen without pasteurisation to consumers, those forms still have a limited share on the European market.

Our product for Coconut Water is Hydrococo brand by Kalbe, made by 100% natural coconut water without artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

so its very safe and healthy for human body and increasing the immunity. component : carbo 5%,food fiber 22%, sugar 7gms, natrium 7%, calium 8% & magnesium 8%. Packaging 330ml, 250ml , 500ml & 1 Ltr in master box around 12-24 pcs.

Coconut Broom

We produce and supply several broom of raw material and finished product ( Nypah, Coconut , Grass Broom & Palm Ekel) 

Specification of goods :  Length of Nypa : 120 - 150 cm , Coconut & Palm : up to 90 cm, Grass broom : 72-78 inches.

our footage video progress of production : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a6h7XauXXI  

Size Up to 100 cm
Color Dried Greenish 
Capacity 50 Mt / Month
Estimate Price Our prices with catalogue

Our Finished product of broom are : Coconut Broom, Garden Broom & Grass Broom.

Furniture's ( T R B)

We produced customize & shaped Teakwood, Rattan & Bamboo Furnitures. such as Sideboard, Divider, Mirrors, Standing Lamp, Wardrobe, Drawer, Cabinet, Dressing Table, Console, Dining Table, Stool, Bed , Bedside, Etc.


1. Teakwood

you can found our catalogue for teakwood here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rHxIrP8RIkyEn5j_SRE4IZ4x-rTMqYSv?usp=sharing  

2. Rattan 

Fellas Furniture is a Distributor Furniture of Rattan & Wood. We based in Bali Indonesia and we do Business based on TRUST, because Fellas Furniture taking Order by Pre Order. We are 100% handmade and do custom design.

Before you see the Rattan Catalogue please check our Terms & Conditions  rattan furniture KKI - Google Drive 

3. Bamboo 

Please check our bamboo product catalogue here. including bamboo rake, gordyn, straw , chair , handicraft  etc.


Size Customize
Material Solid Teakwood
Shape Sideboard, Divider, Bed, Table, Chair, Drawer, Cabinet, etc
Estimate Price FOB 1000 USD  

PET Flakes

Hot washed 100% clear PET bottle scrap/PET flakes white/recycled


Origin Indonesia
Color Clear & Blue
Capacity 100 Mt / Month
Estimate Price 680 USD per MT


Palm Kernel Shell & Expeller

Palm kernel shells (or PKS) are the shell fractions left after the nut has been removed after crushing in the Palm Oil mill.

It is a fibrous material, brownish-yellow in colour and can be easily handled in bulk directly from the product line to the end use.


Type Screening & Non Screening
Estimate Price 180 USD per MT (FOB)
Packaging 50kg PP Bags
Moisture < 13%
Dirt & Shells less than 18%


Palm kernel Expeller/Meal is a product that is obtained when palm kernel is crushed to expel oil. This is a mechanical process that is important in the production of animal feed. The palm kernel expeller is used as animal feed for sheep, poultry, horses, and cows. Our factory located in South Sumatera and East Kalimantan.

Protein & Fat > 21%
Estimate Price 212 USD per MT (FOB)
Max Ash Content < 8%
Moisture < 13%
Dirt & Shells less than 18%