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Charcoal & Coal

Our Coconut Shell Charcoal Specification is as below. We can also produce higher grade charcoal based on the specifications provided by clients.

check the process video here

Fixed carbon 70% (minimum)
Volatile matter 15% (maximum)
Ash  2 % (maximum)
Moisture 10% (maximum)
Size Natural or Granulated
Colour Uniformly black
Est Price 600 USD Per MT


Our COAL supplies specification (NON SPEC 46-48) as below. We can also produce higher grade of coal by demand. Our factory located in East Kalimantan, 

check our video process here : https://www.youtube.com/shorts/_zyebG8Lugs 

Gross Calorific Value ( GAR) 4615 & 5621 Cal/g
Volatile matter 41% (maximum)
Capacity 100,000 MT per Month ( Stock always ready)
Moisture 29.7 % (maximum)
Fixed Carbon 39.67 %
FOB Price FOB barge estimated : 60 USD/MT